A beginner’s guide to growing your business - $49.99

A beginner’s guide to growing your business - $49.99

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This comprehensive guide walks you through how to expand your service offering to retain and delight existing clients.

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Chapters at a glance

User Research

You need to understand a client’s users to make informed decisions about their website. Learn how user research can add value to your projects.


From increased visibility to sustainable traffic, SEO can benefit your clients tremendously. Learn how to implement SEO in all your client projects.


Video consumption is at an all-time high. Learn how to develop a comprehensive video strategy and start selling video as an additional service.

Offline Marketing

Just because your client’s business is online, doesn’t mean their promotion has to be. Learn how to create brand experiences in the real world.


Analytic services let you shift from reactive freelancer to proactive strategic advisor. Master techniques and measure your client’s success.

Content Marketing

In this chapter, learn why content marketing is an effective tactic and how to create compelling content that moves the needle for your client.


 Number of Pages: 81

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