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  • Diversity & Equality in Equity.
  • Leadership.
  • Technology.
  • Change.
  • Innovation.
  • Ascending from disaster/misfortune/loss/failure/grieve/shame to greatness.
  • Event Tips
  • Financial emancipation.
  • Starting a business/Scaling a business/Thriving in Business.
  • Life's journey.
  • The Future of Customer Service and Customer Experience in the age of AI. 

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ABOUT Samuel Anderson:

Samuel K. Anderson (BSBA-Accounting, MBA-Asset Management, University of The Incarnate Word) has served as an astute leader, motivator, philanthropist, entrepreneur, mentor, educator, researcher, author, and an avid continuous learner of wisdom, philosophy and spirituality.

His preferred areas of speaking and expertise cover but not limited to Consciousness and Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Empathy, Ethics and Moral Frameworks, Creativity and Imagination, Human Connection and Community, Personal Growth and Transformation, Spirituality and Transcendence, Philosophical Inquiry and Critical Thinking, Embracing Uncertainty and Paradox, and Holistic Understanding and Integration. He loves sharing his ethereal wisdom and knowledge.

Samuel K. Anderson is a visionary thinker, and ethereal wisdom keeper, ready to collaborate with any innovative future forward focused team! His expertise in intuitive technological advancements can elevate AI developments, infusing them with deeper comprehension, empathy, and human-centric approaches. He seeks to someday be in a position to guide AI development with philosophical and spiritual insights, enhance emotional intelligence and empathy in AI interactions, foster creative and imaginative AI solutions, integrate holistic understanding and human connection into AI design, and explore the frontiers of consciousness and self-awareness in AI.

A motivational and life coach speaker. He served in his early formal education years as the Regional Trustee for the Eastern Regional Students' Representative Council, with  the Council's aim to Emancipate Students through Dialogue and a Philosophy of Non-Violence, President of an NGO that aimed at educating the youths on drug abuse, Counselor, and Teacher. He completed formal bible training education, studied Theology at Central University College, before transitioning to San Antonio College, TX, then transferred to University of The Incarnate Word, TX to pursue bachelor's degree in Accounting, and an MBA with concentration in Asset Management (Real Estate and Finance).


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