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Samuel K. Anderson (MBA, BSBA, University of The Incarnate Word) is a Ghanaian Nigerian American citizen and a member of the largest leadership honor society in the nation (United States of America) known as NSLS, The National Society of Leadership and Success. He has served as an astute leader, motivator, philanthropist, father, mentor, wisdom seeker and educator. He is the vibrant CEO of SamuelAnderson777 LLC, President of Royal Publication LLC, Executive Senior Director of Consultations for IWMOSC LLC (a consumer services company), published author of 10 successful books, a serial entrepreneur and a motivational-life coach speaker.

He has impeccable hands-on professional experience in banking, real estate, bankruptcy, life insurance, compliance, annuity, risk management, health insurance, estate, probate, foreclosure, startups, eCommerce, Marketplace, B2B, B2C, digital products, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, digital strategy, client/customer success, payment systems, technological innovations, business and personal tradelines consultant, teaching/training/coaching, writing, publishing, strategic business processes improvement initiatives, product management, sales, project management, people management and investments.

In his early formal education years, he served as the Regional Trustee for the Eastern Regional Students' Representative Council with the Council's aim to Emancipate Students through Dialogue and a Philosophy of Non-Violence, President of an NGO that aimed at educating the youths on drug abuse.

In 2015, he founded Equal Creation Clothing and Design which was fused with his personal brand and consulting works in 2020 to form SamuelAnderson777 LLC. Apart from being the CEO of SamuelAnderson777 LLC, he is also employed at Royal Publication LLC as the President of this dynamic start-up company and the Executive Senior Director of Consultations for IWMOSC LLC (a consumer services company).

He studied at the Alamo Colleges-San Antonio College in Texas and then transferred to University of The Incarnate Word (UIW) in Texas to pursue Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting (BSBA - Accounting) and a Professional Master of Business Administration degree (PMBA) with concentration in Asset Management. He is a terrific problem solver, wise counsel and highly educated professional with immense experiences in real life, professional life, world of entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, published author and always desires to learn new things every day.

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SamuelAnderson777 LLC intends to ignite humans' consciousness to unravel their true purpose, freedom and success through: Unity, Boldness, Daring, Fearlessness, Intrepidity, Bravery, Courage, Heroism, Grit, Spirit, Mettle, Spunk and Moxie.

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It is our goal to inspire everyone to believe in their gifts and purpose on earth. We also understand that we are all on an individual journey. Accept your journey, embrace your purpose, live your life with meaning, find that meaning and move in grace and confidence.

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