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Book Me as a Speaker - Contact for Quote

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Book me for your next speaking event.


  • Diversity & Equality in Equity.
  • Leadership.
  • Technology.
  • Change.
  • Innovation.
  • Ascending from disaster/misfortune/loss/failure/grieve/shame to greatness.
  • Event Tips
  • Financial emancipation.
  • Starting a business/Scaling a business/Thriving in Business.
  • Life's journey.
  • The Future of Customer Service and Customer Experience in the age of AI. 

Kindly answer these question(s): 

Send Event Details to me: with the following details.

  • Is it Online/Skype or physical location? If it's a physical location, where will it be held?
  • What’s the context of the event ( i.e: conference, in-house professional development, client appreciation event, etc.)
  • How many people are expected to grace this event?
  • Will this be a keynote talk or a breakout session?
  • Who will the attendees be (title, level of seniority)?
  • Will the travel expenses be included?
  • Can I bring some of my books to sell after the event?
  • Add additional details if necessary for the event.

Base/Minimum for speaking:  To get a quote, contact us.

MaximumVery negotiable depending on event details/requirements.


It would be my pleasure to be part of your upcoming speaking event.

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