Publish your Book

Publish your Book

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We offer services for all aspiring or existing writers/authors.
Get your manuscripts published.
Let us show you how.
You will own 100% rights to your work and all royalties. 

Package includes:

  • Print Book Distribution of your book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, E-Commerce Companies, Independent Bookstores and Majority of global online Retail Bookstores.

  • E-book distribution to Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Booktopia, 24Symbols

  • Free provision of a unique ISBN# and Barcode

  • Professional Book Cover Design

  • Complete Formatting and Editing of your book to be ready for publishing.

  • Book Title Setup

  •  100% Rights and ownership of your book.

  • Print on Demand (POD) setup for you.

  • 100% access to all your sales, reports, and royalties account. Every profit and royalties belongs to you 100%. You have full access to everything.

  •  Formal Copyright Registration of your book/manuscript included

  • 100% Copyright ownership to you as an Author

  •  40 copies of your book (paperback or Hardcover)

  • Additional Services may be available (Video Book Trailer).


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